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Machine Vision

Mission REACH (Relevance & Excellence in ACHieving new heights in educational institutions) programme has been launched in the year 2000, as a Technology Vision 2020 for India initiative, by Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC), an autonomous organization of the Department of Science & Technology.

Under the Mission, TIFAC establishes COREs (Centres of Relevance & Excellence) in Educational Institutions in diverse fields of emerging Science and Technology. These COREs form a tripartite relationship between the Government, Industry and Educational Institutions to provide technically qualified manpower of international standards and to focus on fundamental and sponsored research in the relevant area to not only meet industry's specific needs but also to make them global players par excellence.


Rajalaskhmi Engineering College (REC), Chennai has been selected for the establishment of CORE in the area of “MACHINE VISION”. The CORE has been launched and is active since 14th February 2009.

The CORE will focus on the study of machine vision methods and techniques whereby artificial vision systems can be constructed and gainfully employed in practical applications. Machine Vision is the application of computer vision to industry and manufacturing, and is an engineering field which incorporates several disciplines such as computer science, optics, mechanical engineering, and industrial automation.

A common application of machine vision is the inspection of manufacturing goods for quality control as this requires high-speed, high magnification, 24/7 operation with repeatibilty of measurements. Machine vision systems can also use digital input/output devices and computer networks to control other manufacturing equipment such as robotic arms.