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We passionately orchestrate various events, workshops, and initiatives that foster a profound culture of community service, ignite entrepreneurial prowess, and present awareness campaigns. Our relentless pursuit of empowering students, harnesses their potential to create a transformative impact on society. Together, we forge a future where their actions become a crescendo of positive impact, best benefitting the society.

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Beyond the Resume

25 February 2024

"Beyond the Resume" was a comprehensive event hosted by Yi YUVA REC. It was conducted in two segments, offering valuable insights to participants. The first phase comprised a three-day webinar series from 17th Feb to 19th Feb, 2024.
Day 1 - Interviews Unveiled: Speakers Sai Ganesh B and Rhikshitha Kamalakannan, delved into the intricacies of interviews. Enabling audience with the knowledge of resume building and essential etiquette lessons during interviews.
Day 2 - Attitude and Aptitude: Participants explored the vital aspects of attitude and aptitude. Presenters Srinithi and Deepak Kumar A focused on dos and don'ts, providing practical guidance for interview scenarios.
Day 3: Company Compass: Navigating trends, companies, and interview situations took center stage on the final day. Attendees gained valuable insights from Indra S B and Sundar N on industry dynamics and honed their skills for diverse interview environments.
The second phase of the event featured a aptitude test and an online mock interview session.
Aptitude Test: The aptitude test was conducted on 22nd Feb. This test aimed to assess and enhance the analytical and problem-solving abilities of the participants, a crucial aspect in today's competitive job market.
Online Mock Interview Session: The event concluded with a practical online mock interview session on 25th Feb. This segment allowed participants to gain firsthand experience in handling HR interviews, applying the knowledge acquired throughout the webinar series in a real-world context. "Beyond the Resume" not only equipped attendees with valuable knowledge but also provided a platform for practical application.


Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Target Audience

3rd year students of REC


To offer valuable insights and provide a practical application platform for participants

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