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We passionately orchestrate various events, workshops, and initiatives that foster a profound culture of community service, ignite entrepreneurial prowess, and present awareness campaigns. Our relentless pursuit of empowering students, harnesses their potential to create a transformative impact on society. Together, we forge a future where their actions become a crescendo of positive impact, best benefitting the society.

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Eco Champs

26 February 2024

"Nurturing eco-conscious champions: where knowledge meets creativity, seeds of change are sown." The "Eco Champs" event, designed to raise awareness about climate change held on 26th February 2024, effectively engaged students from grades 6 to 9 through educational sessions, engaging illustrations, and creative competitions. Commencing with informative sessions, students were introduced to climate change causes and effects using vivid illustrations and real-world examples. Water warriors - in order to emphasize the importance of saving water in our daily lives, A report card was handed to the students awarding points for their small steps towards the conservation of water. Drawing competition enabled creative expression of thoughts on climate change, while a speech competition provided a platform for articulating solutions and commitments. Prizes were awarded to winners to sustain interest in climate action, and all participants received certificates of participation. This event significantly increased awareness and understanding, empowering a younger generation to address environmental challenges actively.


Climate Change

Target Audience

Students of Karnataka Sangha Higher Secondary School


Awareness about Climate Change

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