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We passionately orchestrate various events, workshops, and initiatives that foster a profound culture of community service, ignite entrepreneurial prowess, and present awareness campaigns. Our relentless pursuit of empowering students, harnesses their potential to create a transformative impact on society. Together, we forge a future where their actions become a crescendo of positive impact, best benefitting the society.

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Retro Kadhaigal

04 February 2024

"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention." "Retro Kadhaigal" was a heartwarming and delightful event organized by Yi YUVA REC. This event was aimed to bring joy to the elderly people in our community. It took place on February 4th, 2024 at Pachaiyammal trust, Nesapakkam. Various exciting and engaging activities were planned to spend time with the people in the old age home. Starting with the game of Guess the Tune, everyone participated in it enthusiastically. Followed by a lively round of rapid fire questions, in which they had to answer what a city is famous for. With the event winding down, a sense of satisfaction and comfort filled the atmosphere. To extend a helping hand, a mixer grinder was donated to the home. In conclusion, "Retro Kadhaigal" achieved its goal of spreading love and compassion to the senior citizens in our community who will always be close to our hearts. The time spent with them was truly a testament on how doing small acts of kindness is immensely meaningful because these little gestures directly impact people, fostering a genuine sense of care and companionship.


Rural Initiative

Target Audience

Senior Citizens of Pachaiyammal Trust


Bringing happiness to our elderly community

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