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We passionately orchestrate various events, workshops, and initiatives that foster a profound culture of community service, ignite entrepreneurial prowess, and present awareness campaigns. Our relentless pursuit of empowering students, harnesses their potential to create a transformative impact on society. Together, we forge a future where their actions become a crescendo of positive impact, best benefitting the society.

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Spread Smiles

04 February 2024

"Happiness held is a seed. Happiness shared is a flower." The members of Yi YUVA REC raised funds from the event Smash 2.0, which was donated through a donation drive conducted at the Surabi Trust on February 4th, 2024. Many exciting and fun activities were organized to spend time with the kids at the trust. The event kicked off with an icebreaker dance session, where the kids had a lot of fun. Following the dance, a quick brain game was played, where the kids were made to guess the word by looking at a combination of emojis. All the talented children were able to quickly identify the words in just a matter of seconds. After that, a classic game of Simon Says was performed, and all of them enjoyed it thoroughly. Then came the hilarious round of Chinese Whispers where the phrases they came up with, had no relation to the original ones. Finally, the activities were finished off with the kids' favorite games - carrom and chess. Everyone left with happy hearts, and by using the funds raised, dictionaries, geometry boxes, and chocolates were donated to the kids. This day was a truly memorable day for both the kids and the yuva members.


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Children of Surabi Trust


Donation Drive from Smash 2.0

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