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We passionately orchestrate various events, workshops, and initiatives that foster a profound culture of community service, ignite entrepreneurial prowess, and present awareness campaigns. Our relentless pursuit of empowering students, harnesses their potential to create a transformative impact on society. Together, we forge a future where their actions become a crescendo of positive impact, best benefitting the society.

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Tune Your Groove

17 February 2024

Yi Yuva of REC organized an enlightening session called, "Tune Your Groove," for students at Ambattur Municipal Higher Secondary School, Athipet. The event, which took place on February 17th,2024,covered life hacks, road safety, computer literacy, spoken English, personal integrity, and water conservation. A special activity, "Water Warrior," raised awareness on importance of water, complemented by distributing cards featuring various conservation methods of water. Students also received "Chota Cops" report cards about road safety. Their boundless enthusiasm made the event not only informative but truly special. Mr. Tobin Jose, Yi Yuva Chair of Chennai Chapter, added immense value. The knowledge shared during this event was a key that unlocks new possibilities for students, transforming this event into a stepping stone towards a brighter future.


Entrepreneurship & Innovation , Rural Initiative , Climate Change , Road Safety

Target Audience

Students of Ambattur Municipal Higher Secondary School , Athipet


Stepping Stone towards Brighter Future

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